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Did you know your air quality is directly affected by the humidity in your home and under your home? Crawl spaces and basements with high humidity can house mold and affect your health and the structural integrity of your foundation. Mold feeds on the organic matter..your wood framing and flooring…and leaves it weak. Installing a dehumidifier in your crawl space will keep humidity levels in check, and mold and mildew away. Our crawl space contractors help residents all over Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Northport, McCalla, Birmingham, and surrounding areas.

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Dehumidifiers play a big role

Have you opened the access door to your crawl space and it smelled musty? You're not alone. Overlooked parts of the house, such as the crawl space, are very important in a home's value, comfort, and well-being. If the crawl space is full of moisture and isn't well-ventilated, the whole house may not be as comfortable as it should be. Plus it may be a breeding ground for mold. A dehumidifier in tandem with waterproofing measures will take care of the issue by controlling the moisture level in the crawl space. Plus a comfortable dry crawlspace automatically increases the energy efficiency of your home.

We use top brands for our dehumidification systems

Top brands like Sante Fe and Aprilaire provide superior humidity control. They keep humidity-controlled air circulating throughout your crawl space and basement and keep the air clean. You’ll notice cleaner air when you’re hanging out in the basement playing games. And because these systems are self-draining, no more lugging out dirty reservoirs full of water. These dehumidification systems take care of themselves and give you access to digital readings and alarms when service is needed.

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Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC is here to answer all of your questions about dehumidifiers and brand selection. We are locally owned in Woodstock and service many areas including Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Northport, McCalla, and Birmingham. Make the decision today to make your crawl space or basement a priority by installing a dehumidification system. We have over 20 years of experience and have seen the damaging effects of damp crawl spaces and basements. Let’s get your space waterproofed and humidity-controlled for long-lasting comfort and value. New construction? Let’s get ahead of the game by installing a dehumidification system from the get-go. Call us today at 205-365-1699 to learn more.

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