Foundation repair FAQs

Many of these questions we get asked a lot. Before any project begins, our job is to be your number one resource for all foundation repairs.

Yes. While not all of these signs may be a reason for alarm, they should not be ignored. Windows that won’t open, doors that open or close on their own, uneven floors, cracks in foundation walls, cabinets that are pulled away from the wall, and interior cracks particularly diagonal cracks around windows or doors.

Too much settling as a result of poor drainage is usually the reason. Other reasons include tree roots, mold and termite damage, and poor soil conditions.

Each project is unique and requires a specific plan of action. Therefore, each repair varies depending on the scope and size of the repair. We are happy to come out for an inspection and provide an estimate for repairs.

Yes. When a permit is required, we assist homeowners and business owners with all necessary permits.

Maybe. Some plants have large root systems and if planted too close to your home, their roots will search for water and break through your home’s concrete foundation causing leaks. Make sure you situate your plants as far from your house as you can and choose minimally invasive species.

Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC is locally owned and serves many West Central communities including Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Northport, McCalla, and Ferndale, Alabama.

Yes! All of our services come with a lifetime warranty.

We handle all foundation-related repairs. These include crawlspace waterproofing, floor leveling, and stabilization, securing and reinforcing bowed walls, stopping water intrusion, grading, drainage systems, concrete leveling, and more.

It depends. While we do our absolute best to avoid removing topsoil in your yard, digging out around your foundation is not a clean project. Our machinery is heavy and can cause tracks. You should expect when we are finished to sow new grass in areas and replace landscaping in areas where we had to dig.

If you seek additional answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 205-365-1699 to learn more! We realize you may have questions and concerns. Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC always puts its customers first!

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