Rid mold and moisture

Crawl space encapsulation stops both in their tracks

Crawlspace encapsulation in West Central Alabama

A permanent solution to your wet crawl space repair is encapsulation. This blocks water and controls humidity. With many new construction projects, we are incorporating this technology in the new build and homeowners love it. No more worries about damp moldy crawl spaces and cringing when you need access to your crawlspace. Encapsulation will leave your crawlspace bright, clean, humidity controlled, and energy efficient. With our humidity in Alabama, this is a very good option to consider. Remember our lifetime warranty when looking at crawl space encapsulation companies for your next project!

Newly encapsulated crawlspace

What is crawl space encapsulation?

Our crawl space encapsulation contractors will first inspect and remove any damp or moldy insulation or rotted wood. We seal your entire crawlspace with the application of a durable poly liner and install drainage systems and sump pumps when necessary. We can use a variety of vapor barrier brands including Raven for maximum protection. Crawl space vents are sealed off and we install a dehumidifier that you can see and control from the comfort of your home. Encapsulating your crawl space controls the humidity, improves your home's energy efficiency, and provides you lasting peace of mind about your home’s protection.

Let’s talk about mold

Mold needs moisture to survive. And since many crawlspaces are damp, it’s not uncommon to find mold growing underneath your home. Where does this mold come from? Mold spores are present in our environment and when disturbed they disperse and travel through the air and are carried from place to place. This becomes a problem when the mold spores come in contact with moisture, where they flourish and grow. The key to eliminating mold growth is to keep your crawl space dry. Mold cannot grow and flourish without water.

Choose the experts at Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC

When you’re considering a crawl space encapsulation for your residential or commercial property, look no further than Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC. Encapsulation takes care of a whole host of problems and gives you peace of mind. Water in your crawl space resulting from plumbing leaks, cracks in the foundation, ductwork, and poor drainage can all be repaired with our services followed by fully encapsulating your crawl space and eliminating moisture for good. No more moisture means no more mold. We serve homeowners and business owners in Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Northport, McCalla, Birmingham, and more! Call us today at 205-365-1699 for your inspection.

Ready to say goodbye to your damp crawlspace / basement?

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