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We waterproof basements and crawl spaces, making repairs as well as working on new construction for homeowners, builders, and realtors! Crawl space waterproofing is important and without it, water can damage the foundation of your home, leading to expensive repairs down the road. That's why it's important to choose a reputable crawl space waterproofing company to ensure the job is done right. At our company, we have over 20 years of experience in waterproofing crawl spaces. We use the latest technologies, techniques, and the best materials to keep your home safe and dry. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our work, so you can be sure your investment is protected. If you're looking for quality crawl space waterproofing services and below-grade basement waterproofing, call us today!

New drainage and water proofing on home

A dry foundation means everything

The bottom line is that problems with the foundation of a house are largely caused by dampness-related source problems and poor drainage subsequently leading to water damage, soil movement, and other issues. Your crawlspace, piers, foundational cracks, mold, and even flooring are compromised when water makes its way into your crawlspace. A basement with water intrusion from poor drainage or lack of below-grade waterproofing can introduce high humidity and mold. Our goal is to eliminate these problems by re-grading, waterproofing the interior and exterior, and incorporating french drains, dehumidifiers, crawl space drainage systems, and sump pumps when necessary.

Our crawl space drainage contractors can go one step further

At times, you may need to incorporate a crawl space drainage system for standing water and repeated flooding when waterproofing barriers aren’t enough. This includes not only a sump pump but a crawl space drainage system that directs the water to your sump pump and out of your crawlspace. Each home is unique and requires first an inspection from our team.

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Water seeping through the foundation and into the crawlspace can be a common problem in homes. The first step in fixing this issue is determining where the water is coming from. Once the source is identified, steps can be taken to waterproof the crawlspace. Contact our experienced team today for your inspection and to learn more about waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, drainage systems, and sump pump installation. All of our services come with our lifetime warranty. We serve West Central Alabama including Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Northport, McCalla, Birmingham, and more. Call us today at 205-365-1699.

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